IT Lab


Institution is equipped with various labs for the students :
ICT Lab: The College is having well equipped Computer Lab with latest hardware and software facilities.  The Net-surfing facility is also available to the students and the college has facility for imparting quality education by modern teaching methods.

Wi-Fi and IT Facility

The entire college is connected through a centrally managed  Wi-Fi network using a fibre backbone providing unhindered access to the World Wide Web for the students. The Internet connectivity is provided through a 100 Mbps Leased line. The college has Air conditioned computer lab with 25 computers  for students pursuing their course. 


ICT lab of  DOGRA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is equipped with  N-Computing  virtual desktops, supported by just one host computer or server. DOGRA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION  selected NComputing, which uses thin-client technology so a single computer can power multiple workstations.

Language Lab

A  language lab with modern equipments has been setup in the college to improve the linguistic skills like listening, speaking, understanding and excellent presentation among the pupil teachers under the guidance of the experienced language experts. As far as learning of languages are concerned, the Language Lab holds great significance in this multilingual and multicultural Indian society. Our Lab is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and it helps the language learners to improve pronunciation, accent, stress and all other aspects of phonetics of English Language.

Objectives of language lab.

o    To introduce Listening & speaking skills in addition to reading & writing skills.

o    To Practice and assess speech in a language.

o    To listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record the same and do self assessment and correction.

o    To learn at one’s own pace.

 The prominent features of our Lab are:

Visual, Oral and Aural Aspects:

The Lab has twenty five  computers, microphones and headphones which are directly connected to one master computer and with other systems. The direct sound transmission gives step by step guidance from the teacher to the students with crystal clear clarity for improving their language skills.

Language Software ETNL:

The Lab computers are installed with ETNL (e Tail Networks Ltd) software which is very much user friendly and is more attention enthralling for the students for improvement of all aspects of language learning where they are engaged with individual systems.

Internet Connectivity:

Internet Connectivity has been provided in the Lab to facilitate various facets of the language learning.

Effective learning:

The language laboratory provides to learn the foreign language practice in a focused setting that eliminates the feelings of self-consciousness.

Focus Veracity:

Text, audio and video can easily be integrated with actuality in every day learning situations.

Individual Attention

It is easy to guide the students by monitoring each student independently without disturbing the others students.

Have the self evaluation:

The students do a periodical self evaluation to measure the progress as well as evaluate his/her language with that of the teacher.