The college library is a learning resource centre in the widest sense as it houses information resources, expensive reading material & digital data with internet access. The library is partially computerized and well-stocked with a wide collection of books & CD's, course books, reference books, encyclopaedias, journals & periodicals. The library also provides facilities like reprographic, DELNET SERVICES, NDLI FACILITIES book bank etc. The library system has been so designed & organized that each students will get books on every working day of the week. This is apart from special access during Assignment writing days. So enjoy & make Books your Best Friends.
Library status as on June, 2021

Total no of books = 5495

Other Information:- Educational CD's Audio Cassettes Video Cassettes Transparencies PPT. on Model Lesson Plans Bound Journals.(Back Volumes).

Membership:- All students involved in B.Ed. course. Institutional Members Non-Institutional Members.

Future:-In near future we are looking forward to transform our library to one of the most modern libraries. Information centre with strong database with cyber link with World Wide National & International Networks & Universities & Research Institutions.